LevelM Pro – the new hydraulic levelling system for motorhomes

The LevelM Pro system sets the motorhome in a horizontal position intelligently and fully automatically and is significantly lighter than comparable systems thanks to its sophisticated mix of materials. The intelligent electronic controls from E&P are mounted centrally, outside the vehicle, in a robust box that protects them from various weather conditions & environmental influences. Discover the reliable technology from levelling experts E&P now!

Product video

Ultralight weight

  • Weight from just 56 kg, thanks to the clever material mix of aluminium and steel
  • LevelM Pro offers the ideal combination of light weight with maximum stability
  • This enables more payload

Precise, gentle & quiet levelling

  • Optimum levelling accuracy and precision thanks to two independent pumps and brushless motors
  • Torsion-free, even levelling minimises the load on the chassis
  • Quality and reliability from the levelling expert

Maximum comfort & flexibility

In addition to the automatic levelling, two further positions, such as a tank-emptying position and a sleeping position, can be individually saved and automatically controlled using the intuitive touch panel.

Always up to date

Software updates and additional product features can be downloaded easily online without needing to visit a workshop.

The advantages of LevelM Pro at a glance

  • Horizontal in a few minutes
  • Steady and secure positioning
  • Fully hydraulic
  • Very low noise level
  • Minimal load on the chassis