E&P Hydraulics


On campsites or pitches, it is often a challenge to find a level parking space for caravans or motorhomes. Manual alignment can be time-consuming and detract from the fun of camping. This is where the fully automatic hydraulic levelling systems LevelC for caravans and LevelM or LevelM Pro for motorhomes come into play. With just the push of a button, your vehicle is comfortably levelled within minutes, so you can concentrate fully on your camping adventure.

Our support systems are not only extremely efficient, but also flexible to use. They can already be ordered ex works from many manufacturers. If you already own a motorhome or caravan, they can easily be retrofitted. Our experts in the development department precisely adjust each levelling system to the conditions of the vehicle chassis. This way, we ensure an optimal fit and maximum safety during levelling.

Aligning your vehicle has never been easier or more stress-free. Enjoy every moment of your camping adventure without worrying about the terrain.

Contact us today and let our experts advise you on which system best suits your vehicle. Put an end to tedious vehicle aligning and kick off your next camping adventure feeling relaxed!



The LevelM Pro system sets the motorhome in a horizontal position intelligently and fully automatically and is significantly lighter than comparable systems thanks to its sophisticated mix of materials. Discover the reliable technology from levelling experts E&P now!



LevelM makes aligning your motorhome a breeze. Our specially developed hydraulic levelling system enables simple, fast and fully automatic horizontal alignment. Thanks to E&P's intelligent electronic controls, the weight is distributed evenly over several supports to avoid torsional forces.



The hydraulic levelling system LevelC enables automatic alignment of caravans on uneven terrain. The caravan is stable and level in just a few minutes. The system uses two hydraulic cylinders on the axle and four corner steadies to ensure horizontal alignment. An intelligent control system prevents torsional forces from being transmitted to the chassis. It can be operated via a permanently installed panel, smartphone app, remote control or touchpad. The system weighs only about 20 kg and hardly affects the payload. In addition, LevelC provides anti-theft protection, as the caravan can no longer be moved. It can be easily retrofitted and is also available as a partially automated compact system.


The footplate covers in UV-resistant glass-fibre reinforced plastic increase the diameter of the support plate of your E&P LevelM or AL-KO HY4 systems by about 4 cm. This provides more stability on many surfaces and protects against damage.