Footplate cover

More comfort and stability on all surfaces

The footplate covers made of UV-resistant glass fibre reinforced plastic increase the diameter of your E&P LevelM or LevelM Pro’s support plates or your AL-KO HY4 hydraulic supports system by approx. 4 cm. This ensures more stability on many surfaces and protects against damage from pebbles, for example.

Assembling the footplate cover set, which weighs only 3.1 kg, is very easy thanks to the tools supplied with it. The covers are easily attached to the support plate with 6 screws.

All advantages at a glance 

  • 40% bigger footprint provides more stability
  • Made of UV-resistant glass-fibre reinforced plastic
  • Protects against damage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low weight

Scope of delivery:

  • 4 covers
  • Mounting material
  • Installation instructions


With an additional diameter of 4 cm, the Footplate Covers offer an increase in the footprint of 40%. This gives the vehicle more support. In addition, the footplate covers thus also help against sinking in soft ground.
No, the covers do not change the function of the calibration system and therefore do not require any changes.
The footplate covers improve the profile and thus the grip. In addition, the cylinder of the prop plate is protected from damage, such as stone chips.
Auch wenn die Cover für Systeme mit vier Stützen gedacht sind, können sie auch für passende Systeme mit zwei Stützen verwendet werden. Jedoch sollten auf ein System mit vier Tellern, wenn möglich immer alle Footplate Cover angebracht werden.