LevelM – the hydraulic levelling support system for motorhomes

Horizontal levelling of the vehicle is quick, easy and fully automatic with our LevelM hydraulic levelling system developed especially for motorhomes. E&P's intelligent electronic controls ensure that the vehicle’s weight is always distributed over several supports at the same time, thus preventing any torsional forces that could cause serious damage.

The advantages of LevelM at a glance

  • Level in just a few minutes
  • Stable and secure stance
  • Ready for use immediately
  • For motorhomes up to a permitted gross weight of 30 tonnes
  • Completely hydraulic
  • Drive-off protection: Cannot be operated while the engine is running
  • Easy and fully automatic levelling at the push of a button
  • Emergency retraction of the supports possible in case of power failure 
  • With E&P air release system for air suspensions
  • With clearance certificate from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles/MAN and compatibility certificate from Mercedes-Benz 

Comfortable to align

The E&P LevelM standard set consists of four supports, each able to lift a load of at least two tonnes. The hydraulic supports can be extended and retracted without any problems, even if they are stuck in the mud or frozen. For your safety, the system's electronics are programmed to generally only allow the supports to be operated while the engine is turned off. 

Levelling system meets air suspension

A major advantage of the LevelM levelling system is the E&P air release system for air suspensions. It allows air suspension systems from practically every manufacturer to be controlled. The system is designed to be used with both two-line and four-line full air suspension systems. The air bellows are thus lowered to a low level fully automatically. From there, the vehicle is levelled horizontally using the LevelM system.

Control with added value

LevelM precisely and quickly compensates for any unevenness or inclines. In addition, the system can be controlled manually, for example to set a comfortable sleeping position or to empty the waste water tank completely. An individual position for tank emptying can be stored. 

Operation is via a permanently installed control panel as standard. However, LevelM can also be optionally operated wirelessly using a touchpad.

    Scope of delivery

    • 4 hydraulic steady legs
    • Hydraulic power unit with integrated oil tank
    • Electronic control unit
    • Fixed control panel
    • Optional: Control via touchpad


    • 2 t lifting capacity per cylinder
    • Weight approx. 60 kg
    • Telescopic cylinders used depending on vehicle type

    Motorhome up to 5.0 t

    • 2 t lifting capacity per cylinder
    • Weight approx. 65 kg
    • Telescopic cylinders used depending on vehicle type

    Motorhome from 5.0 to 7.5 t

    • 3.5 t lifting force per cylinder
    • Weight approx. 65 kg

    Motorhome from 7.5 to 10 t

    • 6 t lifting force per cylinder
    • Weight approx. 70 kg

    Motorhome from 10 t

    • 10 t lifting force per cylinder
    • Weight approx. 80 kg

    LevelM – the hydraulic levelling support system for motorhomes

    To find the right configuration for your vehicle, please get in touch with us directly or contact one of our service stations.


    Yes, this is useful for protecting tyres during long periods of storage, but it will not completely stop tyre degradation. It also provides extra security against theft. However, please ensure the exposed cylinders on the jacks are suitably protected from the elements, to prevent corrosion. This can be done with silicon spray, or by wrapping the hydraulic jacks with a cloth material.
    The E&P Hydraulics levelling system requires a fully charged battery to operate, it is an auto levelling device needing power, just like a fridge or heating system. However, you can retract the jacks manually if your battery is flat and unable to take a charge. This operation is explained in the user manual.
    12 volts – 800 watts The E&P Hydraulics Motorhome levelling system takes its power from either the vehicle’s main battery, or the leisure battery. Our system software is designed to protect the battery for primary functions, such as starting the engine. Therefore, if the battery voltage is low then the hydraulic levelling system cannot be used and an alarm will sound on the control panel to indicate this. As a result of this possible eventuality, and in the event you cannot charge your battery, there is a manual over-ride operation which can be applied should you require it to get off site and this is explained in the user manual.
    On average it can take between 12 and 16 hours to install an E&P Hydraulics Motorhome Levelsystem to our exacting standards. You would therefore be required to leave your motorhome with the dealer for 2 working days.
    No, any movements could cause the hydraulic levelling sensor to go out of synchronisation. It is also very important that you can see what is going on around and underneath the motorhome for safety reasons.
    Whilst you, the user, are responsible for ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive, there is an inbuilt safety feature ensuring the levelling system will only work when the hand brake is engaged. If you release the hand brake with the levelling jacks still deployed, whilst the ignition is on, an alarm will sound and the hydraulic jacks will retract immediately, to help prevent any damage.